Type: Motion
Year: 2019
Tools: After Effects, Illustrator, Premiere

On the Inside

A typography in motion piece inspired by the Toronto Raptors.

Sports have a way of connecting people like no other. We saw it last summer when the Raptors brought the championship home. Moments like those, full of energy, inspiration, and connection are ones we hold on to. We find them too before the tip-off. 

Utilizing their original sound design as my guide, this video inspired me to create. I sought to translate those similar feelings of anticipation through typography.


Teko is the only typeface used. It captures the bold through visual simplicity, masculinity through square proportions and stable voice through the low stroke contrast. It's also reminiscent of sports jersey typefaces.

Although it is a display family, it's wide character set allowed me to play around with the different facets of a single voice.

KibahintUI/UX, Motion

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