Type: Generative
Year: 2019 – 2020
Tools: Processing, Photoshop, InDesign, Excel

A Fine Line

A generative approach to poetry exploring life, significance, and human-machine symbiosis.

When daily routine becomes boring, how can we wake up to being alive? I was inspired by graphic notation and chance compositions to transform the way we see seemingly meaningless moments in our life.

Table of contents

The result is an experimental anthology generated through Processing. Poetic forms informed the algorithms to follow. It was like trying to come up with an algorithm for expression. My stream of consciousness became the context to pull from. I explored the fine line between mechanical and natural rhythmic expression by superimposing their language structures.


Technology became an extension of human expression to create new perspectives and allow for pleasant surprises. I arrived at poetry because of its depth and oftentimes vagueness. Those characteristics push one to focus on finding meaning behind what’s read. I compiled a select few from hundreds of generated content and designed them in a way that communicated significance.


I wrote only one poem without the extension of Processing. It's scattered throughout the final collection as a guiding narrative hidden in the background. It touches upon the idea that despite technology’s ability to override human limitations, purpose still remains subject to an individual’s expression.

A selection of generated haikus to sort through

To be present in ordinary and extraordinary moments unearths the beauty of living. Words, noise, or moments become powerful when we choose to pay attention to them.

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